I have to tell you I made a huge mistake… We shoot 2 outfit behind a church on this day, yes… Aaaaand when I changed my clothes to this I didn’t really felt I should take off my black shirt there. Sooo…just forget about it, ok?   😀

Let’s talk about those shoes, there is a thing what we can say out loud. They are freaking hot. When I’ve seen them I knew I need to have a pair and somehow the khaki coloured shoes magically appeared in my closet. 😛  I’ve got this khaki colour obsession again.

My friend took those pretty images of me before my exams started. See all outfit details below!!

Blouse: Tally Weijl

Leggings: Terranova

Bag: Ebay

Shoes: Stradivarius (Dolce & Gabbana designed (earlier) exactly the same model)

PHOTOS: Viktoria Pamuki (check out her awesome photos: _v.photo_)

Have a lovely weekend!