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About – Pure as Gigi
 I’m Gigi from Hungary and I was born in the Capital city, Budapest. Me and my family were living in a small village. Since I was little I had a dream to travel all around the word. My parents and grandparents always supported me in my dreams and inspired to have a complete life with lots of fun and adventures. I have been a professional artistic gymnast for 15 years, this is more than half of my life (yet) and at the same time I have participated in ballet classes. At the age of 17 I suffered a serious injury and We all knew I have to stop this career. However It was hard at first, but I found something else what interested me enough. When I was 15 a manager wrote me on social media I should try modelling, but at this point I didn’t really wanted to be a model so I shelved this opportunity.
When I recovered from the injury I was looking for a great agency and I found it with lovely and helpful ladies. After half year I found myself on a plane to Istanbul. When I finished High School my life completle changed. I have got great possibilities in Europe and China as an international model.

I was only 19-year-old when I arrived to Shanghai and fall in love with this city. I made lifelong friendships, we travelled back to Shanghai almost always together. After Sh I found my way to Beijing very soon. I started learn  Buddhist philosophy there, those temples made my soul calm and gave me energy. These teachings help me to be positive and inspire other people.

I could live a whole year in China and I am blessed for this part of my life (well, for every chapter) I celebrated 3 of my birthdays in my favourite club in Shanghai with my friends, travelled all along what was possible (still didn’t finish visiting China) and flying to London for jobs and visiting friends.

After all I felt that something was missing. I admitted to one of the best University in Europe (Babes Bolyai University) and I study psychology on distance learning.

If you still reading I tell you the most important part of my life. My family from my mother-side is a very artistic family, I grown up between paints and drawings and statues, I have seen the process and the result. I always loved to create something original and I took paint and drawing lessons (I still do when I have time) I love to see I evolve every time. 2 years ago I started taking photos with analog camera. If you check my gallery you are going to find them, but I have to tell you if you are looking for the perfectionism is not your place. I don’t take perfect photos I shoot what my soul sees and I really enjoy it, hope you will too.

Yes, I live instead of five.

I am on to do a new chapter of my life so if you like my projects and maybe me please finger-cross, if not…just wish me luck.

Gigi Wind