I used to live in this city so I didn’t go to a Hop On Hope OFF bus tour (I’ve never been on one, maybe I should do it next time), I only visited my favourite places. I walked through Piccadilly circus, watch how the Sun was playing on the River Thames. Kids were running around the London eye and the square was loud from their cheerful, happy laugh. I kind of missed the red buses all around the street, the random photoshoots front of unique café bars, crazy outfits. London is a place for selfexpression. Just admit it.



I expected cold, typical rainy London weather instead of this beautiful sunny “spring” day. Amazing afternoon, anyway autumns seem that season of beginning, at least for me. My whole life become a roller coaster. I never know which day is it, where I am going next. I go to sleep maybe in Asia and the next day I am heading to Africa. I am just in love with all this!



I will share more details in the next blog post with many new adventures. I will share my experiences from India. It was unexpectedly amazing! Everything!



I am so eager to discover places which are new to me.

If you are around the London Bridge and you are starving (like me non-stop) visit the London Borogh Market and you will find the best streetfood ever!



My favourite place from all…the London Bridge! I have never seen how it opens so we decided to wait for it. I imagined how beautiful it should be while it opens slowly in the sunset, but than after I finished my 1 liter smoothie I needed to find a restroom…me being me. Of course there weren’t any nearby the bridge. I run to a cafe shop and when I came back what did I see? The already closed bridge… I hope I will catch it open at least once in my lifetime.



I just realised on the next morning the hotel I was staying is 20 mins bus ride away from the Windsor Castle where I’ve never been. Next time Windsor, next time! You can’t runaway from me!

Faux fur coat: H&M
Turtleneck: Bershka
Black Jeans: It’s just a black jeans, you can find it anywhere.
Black knee lenght boots: Stuart Weitzman
Black Bag: Givenchy

Grey Tshirt: H&M
Jeans: G-star RAW
Leather jacket: Topshop

P.S.: Where to find the best sweets? The answer is Harrods!!!!



Have fun kids out there and step out from your comfort zone on each day!

Eat well!