As you know my life became upside down in the last year. I travel a lot, more than a lot what I always wanted to do. But it became too much in a point. From hotels to hotels. Literally living on beaches which is awesome but I had to rest. I needed a vacation from my travels so I packed my bags and spent a longer time in Thailand. Not as long as I wanted but I truly enjoyed it, meant a lot spiritually.

We flew to Phuket and immediately headed to Ko Phi Phi Don by ferry which took 2 hours so we bought some beer at the ferry bar. Since I started searching travel photos on instagram Phi Phi was always on my list. I stepped on the island at the Harbour and the colour of the sea and skies shocked me. The beautiful mountains and trees. I turned and I’ve seen the Ko Phi Phi Lee island. Ok, but where are you Leo????


While we were looking for our accommodation I went insane how many people are on this small island. I felt a little bit disappointed, I was waiting to come here for so long and now I can’t even take a step because of people. I took a nap and we went to find some food, I did not understood where all those people are. The owner of the hotel explained most of the people come just for a few hours with tours and they leave. DO NOT DO THAT!!! If you want to fully enjoy the island just stay there a few days! I swear you won’t regret it!


Sweetest coconuts ever


We spent the first two days with exploring Phi Phi, we loved it a lot so we didn’t go to Bamboo island instead of it we booked an early program, “Swim with Sharks” so we took a boat at 6 am and sailed to the Viking cave to spot some Blacktip reef shark. If you follow me you know that I love marine life, the sharks and orcas! And I can speak hours about them and how important they are. (An other time I will share all the info I know) I took my gopro but they weren’t too close so I couldn’t make a clear video of them. But honestly I enjoyed it so much! I must tell I was scared a bit, this type of shark does not dangerous for humans at all. They eat small fishes and sea snakes and bites smaller than a donkey! But at the end of the day they are “the big fishes” aren’t they? Once we spotted the first one I felt happiness. Finally, after all those years of waiting I have seen a wild one! (If you still go to Sea World or Aquariums we can’t be friends!!!) Ok ok not a Great White, but still have seen a swimming dinosaur.



After this amazing time we went to see the sunset at the Phi Phi view point. On the way up we passed by the local part of the island, of course we climbed on a wrong trail…a waaaay longer one than everybody else. Was interesting to see how different this side of island. I did not take any photo because I didn’t wanted to annoy the people.



On the third day we took a long tail boat and we headed to our new hotel. They had a private beach and you could only reach it by boat, so nobody will disturb you there. They have a little supermarket and restaurant as well. The rooms are bungalows, individual little houses. We booked ours right next to the sea so by night the sea reached our balcony. It was amazing to watch it especially it was full moon.


The name of the hotel is “The Cove”, I recommend it with full of my heart! I didn’t wanted to leave, it is so quiet place just to sunbath. Enjoy the crystal clear water, beautiful white sand! I will go back for sure!



To be honest in this part I won’t tell you tips where to go on this island just only one. Go and spend there a few days, don’t go there just for a half day trip. Explore and enjoy! Enjoy the vibe of it, spend time and try to get to know some people, I have never met there somebody who’s life would be boring.


Have fun and enjoy the short video on my IG!

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Photo credit: Kris Pinter and myself (Gigi Wind)
Photo editing: Myself