I have to say I am a lucky person, I have got an opportunity to spend a year in China. I have seen many interesting and different things, but all of those you can watch on your Tv or just search it in a browser, but the real things you will never find in a 10 days cultural dumping trip.

You may visit the Great Wall of China probably the Badaling section, what is greatly close to Beijing, but I have to tell you…not the most beautiful part of the Wall and you can’t take a photo whitout a stranger walks in it (or 500) than you are going to visit the Forbidden city and in Shanghai The Bund and The People square etc etc. Those are the must see tourist attractions and if you deciede to take a short trip to China than yes, you have to visit all of those amazing places, but (!) you should digging more deep…aaaand here we go. Here is one of my favorite place near to Shanghai, well you just have to take a subway (it depends on where you live at) and you basicly go back to the past…you are going to see many many chinese tourist there (YES) but like enough you and your squad will be the only who is not asian. The people who lives there are so lovely and they make delicious, tradicional Chinese food (No, they are NOT going to give you dog meat..) they are helpful and try to give you more trip and adventure advice, ugh yeah,,,in chinese…If you can’t speak this language just use your hands and legs. 😀 If you don’t believe me just check out my Analog photos. Have a great look around in the real China.